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All You Need to Know about Simply Amish Furniture

Simply Amish isn’t just the name of another brand. It’s a standard of excellence that only those with an eye for quality craftsmanship can appreciate. The quality of the solid wood used in Simply Amish furniture is astonishing.

That said, many don’t recognize how this furniture can transcend their lifestyle. So, here are 3 tips to consider before purchasing Simply Amish furniture:
Pick the Perfect One!

When you purchase Simply Amish furniture, you have a wide range of options from red oak to hickory, quarter-sawn white oak, hard maple, cherry, or walnut. Most of the pieces can be provided in 16 stain colors or 6 color varnishes, making it far easier to find the perfect match for your interior design.

Measure Twice, Buy Once!

More often than not people get so excited about the look of furniture that they don’t think about other important things, like whether it’ll fit in their house! Nothing looks more unpleasant than an oversized couch in the middle of the living room.

So, measure the space you’ve set aside for the furniture, as well as any doorways, stairs, elevators, and hallways to make sure your furniture will get through.

Customizing Your Amish Furniture

Custom-made furniture is always a better choice because it allows you to decide on the color, type of material used, finish, and design, among other things. More importantly, you should find a retail store that can offer you an array of value-priced, quality furniture.
And worry not! You don’t need to waste time looking for a fair seller. Just check out our line, choose what you need, and order. If you need more details, contact us at this number: (608) 849-7574.

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Choosing the Right Furniture: Is Flexsteel Furniture Worth the Money

Choosing the right furniture for your home can be challenging because there are numerous options on the market. Plus, there are many variables to consider and a lot of questions to answer. Below, we’ll look at Flexsteel furniture and see if it’s worth the money.

What Does Flexsteel Furniture Offer?

The Flexsteel we know today was founded in 1901 after the original company was sold to four tradesmen. ​With its handcrafted pieces, Flexsteel furniture is known for its high quality. Each piece of furniture is made with the utmost care to ensure lasting beauty and comfort. Today, the brand offers furniture for every room of the house, including sofas, armchairs, bookcases, drawers, chairs and stools, bedside tables, desks, and more.

Why Is It Worth the Money?

The short answer is that the brand means good furniture. Why? For several reasons, including:

Blue Steel Spring 

The Flexsteel furniture line is known for its durability and comfort. Blue Steel Spring Technology, which has been around for over a century, plays an important role here. Thanks to this technology, the products have strong, flexible springs that don’t require maintenance or replacement like traditional ones. The springs and reclining mechanisms of Flexsteel furniture are guaranteed for life.

Durability & Easy- to-Maintain

The furniture’s fabrics and colors are durable and easy to maintain and liquid and stain-resistant, making Flexsteel budget and family-friendly. Other features include:

  • Cleanable with soap
  • Liquid and stain resistant
  • Child and pet-friendly

Flexsteel furniture is an excellent choice for families with pets, children, or any other household where sofas and armchairs are needed.

Environmentally Friendly 

Flexsteel furniture is made of green and environmentally friendly components. For example, the fabrics are free of polyfluorinated chemicals, or PFCs. The environmental impact of eco-friendly furniture is minimal because it is made of recyclable materials and does not contain harmful chemicals.

Wrapping Up

The history of Flexsteel furniture dates back to the early 20th century.  Over the years, Flexsteel has earned a reputation for high-quality furniture that is durable, stylish, and comes in a wide range of colors. So, you can count on Flexsteel furniture to stand the test of time.

Interested? If you are looking for a specific piece of furniture, contact us or check out our line and choose from our wide selection.

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Everything You Need to Know about Smith Bros Furniture

If you are one of those advocates of the “buy it for life” mentality, you are in the right place. Perhaps you have just moved into your new home or decided to spruce up your interior with some beautiful new furniture. And now you want something that will last for years. Let’s save you some time and introduce you to the best in the market, Smith Bros furniture.

When you are buying for life, custom furniture made based on your home design and taste is a sure way to guarantee you’ll enjoy your investment. Here are 3 things you should know about Smith Bros furniture:

Solid Wood

Smith Bros furniture is made of solid hardwood maple, which is one of the reasons you can ensure the incredible durability of your chairs and other wooden items in the house. Solid wood structures can stand the test of time for many years without losing their attractive appearance in your living space.

Upholstery Quality 

In addition to wood quality, the fabrics and leathers used in Smith Bros furniture are known for their exceptional quality and trendy design. Smith Bros products are carefully designed, manufactured, and graded by professional experts. Once the quality inspection is completed, the product is released to the market, ensuring the brand’s reputation.

Incredible Details

When it comes to customization and construction details, Smith Bros furniture stands on top of the game. There is nothing that can’t be customized, depending on where and what you buy. This includes arms, legs, backs, and trims, as well as color and design.

And worry not! You don’t need to waste time looking for a fair seller. Just check out our line, choose what you need, and order. If you need more details, contact us at this number: (608) 849-7574.

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How to Approach the Interior Design Renovation

Not satisfied with your home interior design? Do you think it’s time for a fresh start, but you don’t know where to begin? Worry not! We’re here to help you with the top 3 interior design tips.

#1 Plan Your Project

Forward planning is the first step in every project. When you are investing time and money, you must come up with a detailed plan to ensure the result is what you expected.

You might change your mind about some details along the way; so, while you stick to your plan, you should also keep some room for maneuvers and new ideas.

#2 Prioritize Your Needs

Most interior design projects run into at least one limitation. It may be limited budget, space, time, or even the inaccessibility of the right materials. The point is that you can’t have everything at the same time.

So, it’s crucial to prioritize the changes you want to make. If you’re clear about your goals, it’ll be easier to choose between different design ideas or purchase options. You should also strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Never sacrifice one in favor of the other. Only then will you be able to enjoy your interior renovation.

#3 Choose the Right Furniture Store

The final tip is the most important one. You need to find a furniture store that focuses on customer satisfaction and ensures exceptional product quality. As it happens, you are just in the right place!

Whether you are looking to redecorate a room or an entire home, we at Waunakee Furniture can help you with your interior design projects. Our interior design professionals will schedule an appointment with you to understand your expectations, lifestyle, budget, and design aesthetic. Our team of experts will help you design the house of your dreams!

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Cheap Furniture Madison WI: How to Get the Best Deals

Cheap Furniture Madison WI: How to Get the Best Deals at Waunakee Wisconsin Showroom

Do you look at a furniture item’s price tag and immediately surrender? For many people, the easiest way to get reasonable prices is to compare that bedroom or dining set price with other stores within the area.
But that is no longer practical as the price range might still be huge. In this article, our cheap furniture Madison WI team details various strategies you can use to buy your furniture item at a lower price.

1. Ask Our Cheap Furniture Madison WI Sales Staff If There Are Any Sales
You can save massive amounts of money at a particular time of the year when some of our furniture goes on sale. If you’re still deciding, our cheap furniture Madison WI team will advise you about which table, chair, or cabinet goes on sale at what particular time of the year.

For example, you can land a bargain on indoor furniture during the winter and summer. Are you shopping for outdoor furniture instead? Then the days around the 4th of July and Labor Day might be the right time to buy.

2. Check If There Are Any Furniture Items on Clearance
You can also find low-priced items with our cheap furniture Madison WI floor sample sales. Our sales team often gives out notice if there are items out for clearance. The store sells furniture as is, so it would be wise to inspect them for defects before you purchase them.

3. Negotiate with our Sales Team for Lower Prices
Our Wisconsin store has the friendliest and most responsive staff, and they will listen if you have a different quote from the price tag. They might lower the price, especially if you buy more than one item. Meanwhile, you can also order through our interior designers, who’ll gladly pass along their discount if you order through them.

Furniture is a considerable investment. You might need more time to find the low-priced piece you need. It is good to be patient and wait for the right time. The item could soon be on sale or on clearance.
Contact us for more information about cheap furniture Madison WI, deals.